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Schamel. The original horseradish.

The original since 1846

For over 150 years, the Schamel family has kept the secret to making horseradish of the finest quality. Johann Jakob Schamel had the original idea of offering freshly grated, ready-to-eat horseradish.

Freshly grated from Bavaria

Hand-picked horseradish roots are freshly grated every day in Baiersdorf, the horseradish town in the heart of the traditional growing region between Nuremberg and Bamberg, and made into the exquisite Schamel horseradish delicacies.

100% guarantee of origin

Schamel Bavarian Horseradish PGI is an EU protected geographical indication and is made from 100% Bavarian horseradish ingredients in Bavaria. Schamel is the only producer to produce horseradish in the traditional horseradish town of Baiersdorf.

Fair trade and sustainability

With growing contracts running over several years, the Schamel family is securing the future of horseradish growing in Bavaria and guarantees to purchase the entire crop of home-grown horseradish. This ensures that the product always remains fresh, helps to protect the environment with short delivery routes and creates jobs in the region.

The family guarantee

Today, the outstanding quality of Germany's most popular horseradish brand, sustainable business management and fair trade for the benefit of the entire value chain is guaranteed by the Schamel brothers – the fifth generation of the Schamel family business – with the Schamel name on every packet.

The perfect addition to any dish

For seasoning, dipping, mixing and garnishing: connoisseurs all over the world love Schamel high-quality horseradish products from Bavaria as a spicy and naturally healthy delicacy that goes perfectly with sausage, meat, fish and cheese, as well as vegetables, soups, sauces and salads.

Tasting events in your supermarket

Tasting event advertising at the POS increases brand usage and sales sustainably. Our trained Schamel brand consultants will be happy to visit your supermarket with a tasting stand and recipe service. Speak to us!


Schamel Bavarian Horseradish

Schamel Bavarian Horseradish HOT & SPICY
Schamel Bavarian Horseradish CREAM STYLE